Spa Mania

Spa Mania

Spa Mania puts you in charge of a Spa Center in San Francisco
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Spa Mania puts you in charge of a Spa Center in San Francisco. You are a girl who has a dream of owning her own chain of Spas, but she also likes to keep things as Earth-friendly as possible. In the game, you are given an empty room, where you will have to base your company at. The game resembles a Theme Hospital of sorts. The playability is OK, though slow for my liking. The game is also meant to be played by kids. When you get started with your beauty center, you can start having customers. They will come and pay for your services. You can give them several beauty treatments, depending on the budget that you have. The more customers, the more money you will have. You can constantly add improvements to your salon. You can add new beds, buy more products to please your customers and more. Mostly all the game is based on drag-and-drop; you pick a bed and place it wherever you want. Then you place your customers on it and apply a mud mask, for example. Although the game is simple, it should keep children entertained for a while.

José Fernández
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